Merriam Webster defines “crew” as “a group of people who work on and operate a ship, boat, aircraft, spacecraft or train.” Um, I don’t see “two idiots on bikes….” But that’s what they’ll be doing! We are very proud of the crew we have put together for our race and encourage you to check out each crew member’s bio below! They will be responsible for many things, the most important of which is our and each other’s safety. They will take turns driving (3 vans), navigating, cooking, cleaning, massaging and cheerleading! They may need to remind us why we’re doing this, especially when we’re powering up those climbs! They may need to rebuild our bike if we wreck, or they may need to keep us from throwing our bikes over a cliff during a tantrum. They may need to administer IV fluids or bandage scrapes, and they will surely need to sing to us over the loud speaker when we get bored.
Cheers to the crew!

Tim Lescun

Lescun photo.jpg


I am a friend and work colleague of both Sandy and Molly. Inspired by their determination to complete this challenge, I am looking forward to supporting them in their effort. I run and like to keep fit so this will be a great experience to be a part of, doing anything I can to help. 

Crew Chief

Chris Taylor


I was raised on a small farm in southeastern Washington with my sister, Sandy. We grew up playing a variety of sports and participating in outdoor recreation. I attended Central Washington University and later received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Washington in 2000. I have been practicing for 15 years at Therapeutic Associates Inc. in Richland, WA, an outpatient orthopedic clinic, and I am now the Clinic Director. I have specialty certifications in Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, which tends to be helpful in treating my sister’s many musculoskeletal injuries from her cycling and triathlon adventures. I continue to enjoy being outdoors for biking, horseback riding, hiking and boating with family and friends. I look forward to helping Sandy and Molly Race Across the West!

Nathan Birt


Molly is my crazy wife. While I'm content to nerd out with science and roll my eyes at her antics, I also love her and want to see her & Sandy succeed. I figured that my experience crewing for Molly's previous endurance rides will come in handy, and there is absolutely nothing I love more than preparing a strategy for total domination. Also, I think I should see the Pacific Ocean sooner rather than later.

Laura Furey


I rode with Molly and Sandy in the Wabash River Cycle Club prior to moving to Denver, CO.  Over the years it has been fun seeing what other strong women can accomplish on the bike. After watching Molly's solo efforts at the CASA Cycling Challenge, I decided to try one of my event bucket list items, Dirty Kanza 200. With Molly's support through training and at the event, I was able to complete DK 200 in 2018. 


I look forward to supporting Molly and Sandy in Race Across the West and giving back a little something to two women whose bike adventures have helped me push my own limits.

Chris Dishinger


I've known Molly for over ten years, now. Don't blame her, it's not her fault, you see. She had no choice, as I've been friends with her husband, Nathan, since we were kids. Like Nathan, I'm happy to live in my world of science and all things nerd, but I rarely turn down an adventure and a chance to support my friends. Long road trip, new experiences, new people, supporting friends in the face of a challenge... yeah. I'm in. 

Betsy Charles


I met Sandy when I was in veterinary school and we have remained great friends because we love horses, teaching veterinary students, and making a difference wherever we can. I am the Executive Director of the Veterinary Leadership Institute and get to speak at veterinary colleges throughout the country. When not trying to make a difference in the veterinary profession, I love riding my horse Lenny, taking my dog for walks, and spending time with my husband of 25 years. I once supported my husband as he rode his bike from Death Valley to the Mount Whitney portal in 24 hours (the Whitney Classic). And, I do know how to ride a bike. I am thrilled to be a part of Team Workhorses and look forward to an amazing adventure.

Emily Hess


I am a second year veterinary student who has had the pleasure, over the past few years, of learning from and working alongside Sandy (or as I call her “Dr. Taylor”).   I have been obsessed with anything horse from the age of 5, so supporting Sandy and Molly on their mission to race across the west, while raising money for the Equitarian Initiative, is truly a once in a lifetime experience!  The ability of these two women to have the work life balance needed to train for such a demanding event, while maintaining full time positions as equine health professionals, inspires me.  I am honored to be able to work with everyone to help Sandy and Molly cross the finish line in Durango, Colorado. 

Jordan Keehn


 My name is Jordan Keehn and I study veterinary nursing at Purdue University! I grew up in Indiana and plan on working at Purdue after graduating. In my spare time, I like to go horseback riding, attend my favorite gym Impact Zone, and enjoy the great outdoors.