Workhorse Wednesday, pt. 2

Equid . (noun) . a mammal of the horse family. A horse, donkey or mule.

There are approx. 100 million working equids worldwide,

representing 90% of the global horse population,

and who are essential to their local economies.

The people who own these working equids are farmers, crafts & tradesmen, and families with children. With a working equid a family can generate an income & livelihood. A child can access an education. A family member can receive medical attention Communities across the world rely on the working equid. And, so do the people in developed nations! The global market receives raw materials from developing countries that we later purchase post-production - this includes coffee, cloth, cocoa, fruits and vegetables. Our consumerism literally rests on their backs.

An old saying goes... "No Hoof, No Horse!"

Working equids may not receive basic healthcare in developing countries, as access to veterinary care can be limited due to location, education or cost. The type of work that the equid performs is incredibly labor intensive, including agricultural work, transport of raw materials, transportation of people & the tourism trade. Without routine medical care and a daily workload, equids around the globe can develop a variety of issues that can affect their productivity for the families on whom they rely. These medical issues include:

  • Lameness, back pain & hoof-care issues

  • Chronic tack sores, wounds & eye infections

  • Dental disease & respiratory infections

  • Exhaustion, dehydration, malnutrition

  • Parasites, infectious diseases, and much more!

Equitarian Initiative addresses these healthcare concerns. They envision a world in which working equids receive proper healthcare to best allow for their wellness & productivity. They train volunteer veterinarians, vet techs, farriers & nutritionists to visit areas with high working equid populations to address the healthcare needs. They connect with other organizations and partner with local caretakers to achieve like-minded & compassionate goals. This includes educating owners about proper tack fitting, hoof care and nutrition. It also allows for volunteers of Equitarian Initiative to collaborate with veterinary professionals in these areas - which is vitally important for education of both equitarians and local caretakers!

This is why Team Workhorses has chosen to partner with Equitarian Initiative - we recognize the need for the healthy working equid. Not just because we love horses (...we do!), but because we see how vital their health is to local & global economies. Young children, women and men all rely on these horses for their continued livelihood in very harsh conditions. We can help Equitarian Initiative in their mission by raising awareness and funds - read more here.

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