What Does a Sponsorship Mean?

One of the SAG vehicles from Team Cycling for Autism's RAAM attempt in 2016

Sandy & I wanted our attempt at Race Across the West to not be just "a nice ride." We wanted to ensure that our efforts were not us simply being self-serving athletes. Traditionally, cyclists participating in both Race Across America (RAAM) and Race Across the West (RAW) will partner with charities to raise funds and awareness for causes that they believe in. For 2019, we are so excited to have partnered with the Equitarian Initiative, which is a volunteer-based organization that addresses the health and welfare of working horses, donkeys and mules in developing countries. Without these working animals, the people who own them would struggle to maintain their livelihood, as these beasts of burden are vital to the agricultural, transportation and tourism industry. The Equitarian Initiative has discovered in their time as a not-for-profit organization that the wellness of the family's horse makes the difference between the family having money for food, healthcare or an education for the children.

Essentially, what is good for the horse, donkey or mule, is good for the family. Read more about the Equitarian Initiative on their website. Which is why Team Workhorses is seeking sponsors. By having businesses, corporations or philanthropic donors contribute money towards our efforts, we will be able to have a positive impact on an organization that operates on volunteer efforts of veterinarians, veterinary technicians/nurses, farriers, nutritionists and scientists, with very little overhead. No matter how large or small, donations & sponsors will be so very much appreciated! In an effort to give thanks to the sponsors who contribute to the fundraising efforts of Team Workhorses, however, we are offering levels of gratitude.

Title & Gold Sponsor logos displayed on Sandy's support vehicle during 2016's RAAM.

For our Title Sponsors donating $500 or more, business logos will be displayed on our website, on our three support vehicles that will travel across the West with use, and our team jerseys. Gold Sponsors ($250 to $500 in donation) will have their business logos or names displayed upon our website and three support vehicles, and Silver Sponsors (up to $250) will have their logos and names displayed on our website. All proper thanks, accolades and references will be shared on our social media outlets, including the Race Across the West team roster and the Ohio RAAM Show interview.

An example of Title Sponsors' logos on Team Cycling for Autism's jerseys from 2016

All donations, no matter how large or small, will be received with gratitude and are tax deductible. With our team jersey order being placed at the end of March, we want to ensure that our Title Sponsors will be able to have their logo on the pocket of the cycling jerseys. Please contact us directly at with questions, or visit our donation page to learn more. Warmest thanks, Molly & Sandy

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