2019 - Hello!

At this moment, there are one hundred and thirty-five days, thirteen hours, twenty-two minutes and fifty seconds before the start of the Race Across America & Race Across the West on June 11th, 2019. Sandy & I are very excited, to say the least, as our plans start to unfold. Although there have been injuries and setbacks along the way - which is so very common in life and as athletes - we are very much feeling healthy, strong and motivated for the upcoming Race Across the West. Sandy, in particular, is chomping at the bit, as her dreams started back in 2011!

Also... eek! There is quite a bit to do - in addition to training in the gloomy winter months that drudge on in Indiana, we are getting our proverbial & metaphorical ducks in rows. Our awesome crew is coming together. We are assembling lists, making reservations and ticking off To-Do lists with enthusiasm. With launching our website, we are not only spreading the word about the Equitarian Initiative, but also will start fundraising and seeking out sponsorship to support their mission. We invite you to explore the web page to learn more about our team, the Equitarian Initiative and all of the ways that you can get involved in Team Workhorses. Check back in this space, of course, to stay up-to-date with the team's plans!

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