Who We Are & What This Is All About

Sandy & Molly are two friends, co-workers and adventurers who are participating in the 2019 Race Across the West as a two-person women's relay team. Our goal is to raise money and awareness for the Equitarian Initiative (EI) while having an awesome adventure on our bicycles! Equitarian Initiative is dedicated to the preparation and support of volunteer veterinarians and technicians on the global scene to improve the health, nutrition, productivity and welfare of working horses, donkeys and mules of the world. By educating local veterinary staff and caretakers, EI empowers them to make sustainable changes to the lives of their equids and the people whose livelihood is intrinsically tied to their well-being. Read more about the Equitarian Initiative here, or visit their website


We will be starting the race in Oceanside, CA on June 11th, 2019, and expect to finish the 930-mile race in Durango, CO within the time limit: 2 days and 20 hours.  As a relay team, we will alternate riding the course every 1.5 to 3 hours, with a personal support vehicle for each of us. Racers will sleep in follow vehicles and our crew will sleep in hotels. The amazing support crew is made up of our family and friends, and we could not have this adventure without them! We could think of no better people to keep us safe and sane.  

People often ask us, "Why would you ever do this to yourselves?" The answers start here: because we are ordinary people who love to ride our bikes on extraordinary adventures and at challenging events. Because we want to be more than self-serving athletes, and truly believe in the mission of the Equitarian Initiative. We want to challenge ourselves and see what we are truly made of. Because we want to experience the camaraderie & teamwork with an inspiring group of crew members. We want to see the Western United States on our bikes!

Strong work! Sandy finishing the Branson 70.3 Triathlon.

Sandy cruising along during the 2011 RAIN Storm event.

Molly, Josh & Laura are greeted at the finish of Rebecca's Private Idaho by the Queen of Pain.

Strong work! Sandy finishing the Branson 70.3 Triathlon.