Who is Team Workhorses? And what is the Equitarian Initiative?

Sandy Taylor and Molly Cripe Birt are friends & co-workers who will Race Across the West on June 11-15, 2019, from Oceanside, CA to Durango, CO. They make up the two-woman relay team Workhorses, named for their careers in equine veterinary medicine, for the hard work it takes for endurance cycling, and (most importantly!) for their support of the Equitarian Initiative.

The Equitarian Initiative is a volunteer organization that supports volunteer veterinarians and technicians worldwide to deliver healthcare and improvements in the welfare of working horses, donkeys and mules in developing countries. With an estimated 100 million people relying on these animals for their very livelihood, the Equitarian Initiative utilizes grassroots collaboration, education and partnership to help these communities provide medical care for their animals. 


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Team Workhorses crossed the Race Across the West finish line in Durango, Colorado with time in hand: 930-miles, 56,000 feet of climbing in two days, seventeen hours and forty-four minutes! Sandy & Molly have been so fortunate to have such as fantastic crew support them throughout the race. 

Molly briefly recapped the race on her instagram, which can be found at Part OnePart Two, Part Three, Part Four & Part Five


With 102 donors and 14 sponsors, we raised $7,191.11 for our partnered charity, Equitarian Initiative. We are so humbled by the generosity of our friends, family & community. Thank you, thank you, thank you for believing in the mission of Equitarian Initiative, trusting that we could finish Race Across the West, and showing up support & love throughout this crazy adventure.

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On July 25th, Sandy & Molly presented their Race Report to friends in the cycling community, local veterinarians, friends, family & local sponsors. In addition to re-capping the adventure of the team, the yet-to-be-released documentary about the vital works of the Equitarian Initiative was shown.

The presentation was recorded and can be viewed here. Please click on the power-point presentation box in the lower right-hand corner of the screen so you are not subjected to them just standing around. :-)

The Wabash River Cycle Club's Women's Ride also invited Molly & Sandy to speak about their experiences Racing Across the West, specific to being women. It was a very good night!

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